Gengo WordPress Plugin for Multilingual blogs

Gengo is a wordpress plugin which lets you write in differente languages in your blog. The visitors can choose an idiom in which they want to read your posts.

Gengo DOES NOT translate automatically what you write, but it lets you easily manage posts in different langages.

It has support for many languages and makes it easy to do side by side translation. It also let you translate the categories so your visitants can have an easy navigation.

You can get it at

Of course this blog uses this plugin. To see the translated posts you can choose in the upper side of the post the language you want or choose in the sidebar the language you want to see the full blog. You will see just the translated ones for the language you choose.

Hopefully, this blog will be translated in a short time. But I don’t promise anything 🙂
And of course, this post was made thanks to gengo 🙂

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